Specific e-Procurements system to handle the complete procurement / procurement business process. The main features of the e-procurement system we offer are:
– Customisable according to the process in the existing organization.
– Open and Closed Tender Options (Close / Open Tender)
– Direct Appointment Option or Direct Tender / Option DA (Direct Appointment) / DS (Direct Selection)
– Approval Facility
– Email Notification at every stage of the procurement process
– Email Notification to the Vendor / Email notification to vendor during Procurement
– Facilitate Appeal Period
– Online Vendor Registration



The processes handled by the e-Procurement module are:

  • Vendor Management System
  • Creation of Purchase Requisition
  • Quotation Request
  • Administration Evaluation
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Reverse Auction
  • Awarding
  • Issuance of Purchase Order as the result of Awarding


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